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Explore Jamestown: Dig the Fort  v.1.0

Grab your shovel and compass! Welre celebrating the rich history and importance of Jamestown in this artifact-hunting game, Explore Jamestown: Dig the Fort, where you unearth artifacts while avoiding the many hazards settlers faced so many years ago.

DIG: Disk Geometry Analyzer  v.1.0

In this work, we develop novel disk characterization suite, DIG(Disk Geometry Analyzer), which allows us to rapidly extract and to characterize the key performance metric of modern hard disk

Word Dig  v.0.3.2

Word Dig is (or will be) a perl implementation of a word playing game. It will be implemented as a perl module, and released withvarious interfaces using the module for the game

Dig Dug Aftershock  v.1.0

This is an old game that I made for a Retro Remakes competition.

Roadkil's DIG  v.1.1

Gives detailed information about IP addresses, MX servers etc for a given domain

Dig Set Stat  v.1

digSetStat helps tracks volleyball stats (serving, hitting, blocking, defending, serve receive) during a match. It facilitates the job of the stat-taker by providing them with photos of the relevant players in the correct

Walls of Troy  v.1.0

Can you storm the Walls of Troy without a wooden horse? Dig tunnels and train archers. Stockpile food for a long siege or risk it all in one decisive battle. Attack with infantry or shell out some gold to get war elefants from distant Carthage.

MostFun Granny in Paradise - Unlimited  v.1

Granny's in Paradise... but paradise is in trouble! Help granny rescue her beloved cats from manipulative predators as you climb, dig, and jump your way through 170 levels of MostFun.

Volleyball Arcade  v.1.0

Dig into the sand & bury your competitors in this fun volleyball game! Jump and spike your way through different levels against your computer or a friend! With so many background options to choose from you are sure to have lots of fun!

Cold Comfort  v.1.1.1

Vnlkommen till ditt nya jobb i glassbaren Cold Comfort! Glid runt pn isen i k?ket och putta in glasskulor i faten med din mage. Men akta dig! Golvet kryllar av insekter som inte gillar att du serverar deras hem och de g?r allt f?r att stoppa dig.

Interactive DNS Query  v.1.2

Interactive DNS Query is a program designed to allow you to perform a query of DNS records. It is similar to the unix "dig" or "nslookup" commands, and uses a convenient GUI interface. Query for all types of DNS records, include A, MX, TXT, NS, ...

MostFun Granny in Paradise - Free Unlimited Play Version  v.1

Granny's in Paradise... but paradise is in trouble! Help granny rescue her beloved cats from manipulative predators as you climb, dig, and jump your way through 170 levels of

Trace Log  v.1.5

Trace Log is a handy utility tool that enables you to perform real-time monitoring on any server logs simultaneously. The main goal is to group all related log files into one tool so that you dont have search and dig for them. This tool enables you

Lucy's Expedition for Mac OS  v.1.0

Dig up some family fun with Lucy’s Expedition, an original time-management game from the creators of Little Shop - Road Trip! When pieces of a mysterious map begin appearing around the world, it’s up to Lucy Livingston to track them

MyRecipes for Mac OS  v.2.6

Its your kitchen! Recipe management meets browser. myRecipes is an easy-to-use and ultra-fast program that has been crafted by hand down to the very last detail to manage recipes and lists with a built-in browser. After all, we dont dig through

Xupport for Mac OS  v.3.6

A multipurpose system utility for Mac OS X. It provides many features to configure hidden Mac OS X and Unix options, to increase system security and performance, to maintain and backup Mac OS X, and to dig deeper into the world of Unix. Xupport 3 is

Forum Finder Buzz  v.2.0

Discover How This Forum Finder Tool Will Help You Dig Up Hidden Treasures Found In Niche

Autologgon  v.1.0

Autologgon gives you a simple way to enable auto login on your computer. No need to dig deep into the registry. The app is currently only tested on Windows Vista, since I don't have XP. As usual, no installation

Cube_chung  v.1.0

cube_chung is a compact hack & slash cube / minecraft like game trial using gui_chung and openGL , written in compiled freebasic. Hunt lions, tigers, dinosaurs, build houses or dig tunnels.Save,import,merge and load options

Mining Haze  v.0.1

NCURSES based game, a clone of classical "Boulder Dash" - dig in earth, collect diamonds, watch out for stones... and HAVE FUN! Mining Haze is a logical game for one player. It's simple and runs in linux

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